Monday, April 23, 2007

Parking at my office area

SecureParking is appointed to collect fees from car parking at my office area. But I only paid them once as later I found out that these parking fee collector always "eat snake" during lunch hour. Everyday after 12noon, you won't find them standing at the entrance collecting fees from the cars entering our office area anymore. I don't know where they go during that time but they will sure coming back after 2 or 3pm.

Instead of building tollbooths to collect fee and they were just standing there to block your car from entering. So, standing on my way and blocking my car from entering is not workable on me as I will just stop my car there and block the whole route. When they were eating snake during lunch hour, a lots of car sneak in and park there for free. Just in case you were wondering why car wanted to park here, it’s because Queensbay Mall is just within 100 meters from my office.

There are tables, chairs, dustbins which use by various shop’s owner to “booked” parking lot in front of their shop. One question in my mind, are they collecting fees from the coffee shop which put their tables and chairs at the parking lot? I once confronted the SecureParking guy and arguing with him about whether they collect fees from the coffee shop owner for “booking” parking lot. Guess what the guy told me, “I don’t know”. Another “ID-TEN-T”, he is the one collecting fees and yet he don’t know.

Parking lots are occupied by tables and chairs!

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