Monday, April 30, 2007

Gather enough info before action taken

My butt was fried up like Kentucky’s Chicken Wing by customer these few days. They claims that I refuse to support them on our product sold to them. Even my PJ headquarters’ salesman also accusing me of doing it. Common, give me a break, you and I was working in the same company, ask around before you judge based on what customer said. I was just follow instruction given by my manager on how to handle this particular customer.

And now I had to send out an email apologizing to the world saying that I’m lack of experience in handling this customer. Further more, I had to cover my manager as well, damn!!!!!

Spot the odd

Last night when Jojo and I were shopping at Jusco Queensbay Mall, we encounter this odd thing that I never encounter in other places before. Can you spot it!

Saturday, April 28, 2007

I miss her

I gave up my badminton game tonight just to have dinner with my so call galgal. I was out of town to Ipoh for 2 days for some work. Just back this afternoon, I miss her a lot, it was like didn't see her for donno how many years...

As usual, we ate at the super fast food corner, for just around RM17 for 2 persons. That was kinda cheap for us to eat around the town. Then later ask Master Eugene to join us for another round of "rojak" at Explanade. We order some fruits and 3 of us can barely finish it as we were just finished our dinner less than 30 minutes ago.

I didn't play much badminton lately as I seldom find the utmost desire in me to play it like last time, I donno why, may be after I done some damage to my cervical spine back in June last year. This had stop me from playing regularly for 6 months I guess.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Apple + Guava

Got any idea what this is? Its a new type of fruit, mixing of apple and guava from Cameroon Highland. My colleagues bring them back and let some of us taste it in office. The taste, more like apple to me while others say got guava in it too. Whatever the taste is, I like both.

Monday, April 23, 2007

I scold the SecureParking guy

This morning, a new SecureParking Indian guy wanted to collect fee from me again and of course I refuse to give him and instead I scold him for that. Below is the conversation:

Indian guy: Encik, 2 ringgit. {mister, 2 ringgit}
Meow: 2 ringgit untuk apa? {2 ringgit for what}
Indian guy: Parking.
Meow: Parking apa? {park what?}
Indian guy: Lu punya kereta. {your car}
Meow: Saya tak bawa kereta. {I didn’t drive any car}
Indian guy: Saya nampak awak turun dari kereta tu (pointing at my car). {I saw u getting out from that car}
Meow: Ini bukan kereta, ini meja (pointing at my car). {this is not car, it’s a table}
Indian guy: Meja??? {table???}
Meow: (pointing at the chairs and tables in front of coffee shop) Itu meja and kerusi ada bayar ka? {Are those tables and chairs paying?}
Indian guy: Saya tak tau. {I don’t know}
Meow: Saya boleh beri tau, tak ada, mereka tak bayar kerana u orang tak kutip! {I can tell you, they didn’t, they didn’t pay coz u people didn’t collect}

I start to walk toward my office and this Indian guy call me again.

Indian guy: Encik, 2 ringgit belum bayar lagi. {mister, you haven’t pay 2 ringgit}
Meow: Kan saya sudah cakap, saya punya tu meja, bukan kereta (I started to raise my voice as I speak to him). {I thought I already told u, that’s my table, not car}
Meow: Hang nak kutip apa lagi! *speak with angry look and louder voice* {what u wanna collect some more}

That guy get back to his motorbike and go away... 'ID-TEN-T'

Parking at my office area

SecureParking is appointed to collect fees from car parking at my office area. But I only paid them once as later I found out that these parking fee collector always "eat snake" during lunch hour. Everyday after 12noon, you won't find them standing at the entrance collecting fees from the cars entering our office area anymore. I don't know where they go during that time but they will sure coming back after 2 or 3pm.

Instead of building tollbooths to collect fee and they were just standing there to block your car from entering. So, standing on my way and blocking my car from entering is not workable on me as I will just stop my car there and block the whole route. When they were eating snake during lunch hour, a lots of car sneak in and park there for free. Just in case you were wondering why car wanted to park here, it’s because Queensbay Mall is just within 100 meters from my office.

There are tables, chairs, dustbins which use by various shop’s owner to “booked” parking lot in front of their shop. One question in my mind, are they collecting fees from the coffee shop which put their tables and chairs at the parking lot? I once confronted the SecureParking guy and arguing with him about whether they collect fees from the coffee shop owner for “booking” parking lot. Guess what the guy told me, “I don’t know”. Another “ID-TEN-T”, he is the one collecting fees and yet he don’t know.

Parking lots are occupied by tables and chairs!

Thursday, April 19, 2007


Malaysian Bar Resource Centre or Badan Peguam Malaysia had come out with a Red book last year. This book is all about human rights in Malaysia when we were stop or arrest by policeman. Sometime the policeman misuses their rights against the innocent civilians, and if we do not know our rights we might fall into the trap of this law enforcer.

Recently one of my ex-colleague forwards a junk email to me and it’s about 2 policemen who misuse their power against a guy who was on the way home from office. Luckily this guy read this book before and uses them against these policemen. After reading this mail, I download this file (PDF format) and print it out and keep it inside my car’s compartment (just in case I come across the same situation).

Should you need to get this book, click here and then select the language you prefer.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Theft by stranger, owner give permission to enter house

Someone send me a junk email yesterday regarding a theft case happen in the state where I was staying. Below is the contents from the email:

Just to share with you guys that my home in Bukit Mertajam was "broken into" this morning (6 April 2007). Although nothing much was stolen, just a purse with less than RM100 and 2 hand phones, but the fact that the thief entered my house in broad daylight with my mother's "permission" is truly shocking. Besides, my father, my sister and the day maid are also at home at the same time!
A young Chinese guy came to my house, identifying himself as my brother's friend, and wanting to invite my bro to his upcoming wedding. He came by motorbike and said he is waiting for his mom to come by car to give the invitation card. He said he is thirsty and tired and if he could come into the house to wait for his mom. So my mom opened the door and invited him in.
While my mom was in the kitchen, the thief grabbed the few things and escaped on his motorbike. Luckily, no one was harmed and no weapons were used to steal the stuffs. My family would have been more terrified if weapons had been used.
My mom has always been a very cautious and cynical person. The fact that the thief knew my brother's name and earned my mom's trust to open the door to a perfect stranger is very shocking and horrifying. I believe the thief got my brother's name and address from his secondary school year book.
I hope this mail will allow my friends to learn from this experience. Never trust anyone at all to enter your house and always keep the doors/gates locked. Please share this with your family and friends so no one will fall into the trap again.

Be extra alert these days when open your door and let stranger into your house!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

LHDN e-Filing

Malaysia’s tax payer can now submit their previous year’s income tax form through the online e-filing. This feature had been introduced to the public since last year. To be able to use it, user needs to have the PIN code which come together with their BE-6 form and then register in LHDN website. A step by step guide is provided to make sure user register with them correctly.

I receive my BE-6 form early this year and found this PIN included in the form. So, I open up the website and register with them. Everything seems ok during registration and installation of the digital certificate into my pc. Then I started to login as I wanted to declare my taxation for the year 2006. When it comes to the verifying password part, I get this message:

Run Time Error ‘5’: Invalid procedure call or argument

At first I thought it was my pc’s problem, then later I do the same thing in office and I get the same error again. I even ask around my friends and colleagues who had registered to use this feature, all of them also facing the same problem. Then I think to myself, what the heck, LHDN is encouraging us to submit our form online and yet this e-filing thing is not functioning properly. Are they fully tested their e-filing system before implementing it? Or they are using the public (us) to test it out for them. What an ‘I D TEN T’ (refer to my previous post for this definition) local government body.


'I D TEN T' = 'ID 10 T' = IDIOT

The new term I use to refer to someone who tries to do stupid things, talk non-sense or play foolish in front of me. I don’t usually call them idiot straight away as I might get back with an angry look if I do so. Instead, I will tell them “you are such an I D TEN T”. This not only will not stir their anger, but also will give rise to the person’s curiosity to know what this 'I D TEN T' means. They will keep coming back later for the meaning, and of course, I'm not 'I D TEN T' enough to tell them the actual meaning. What a marvelous way to scold people without having to offend them.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Cyril The Great Magician

Cyril, a great magician who establish himself as one the hottest new stars in Japan and is taking the world by storm. Born and raised in Hollywood California to an Okinawan father and French-Moroccan mother, Cyril first encountered magic at age 6 when a family friend took him to Las Vegas to see a magic show. He was immediately hooked and began to practice magic everyday, often to the dismay of his parents and teachers. As a young teenager Cyril was accepted into the youth program at California's famous Magic Castle where, surrounded by his magic mentors, he began to gain skills that would help him to become a professional performer.

I have seen almost all his magic video clips and I keep some of it in my pc. Like the audience in the video, I'm pretty much impressed by his magic. If you would like to view his video clips, you can find it at YouTube website. You can order his magic show DVD at his official website too.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

super fast food corner

I had been thinking for the past 2 days on what should be my first post and finally I thought of this, which I call “super fast meal” seafood corner (name of the coffee shop is “Ghee Seng Tomyam Seafood” I think, my friends call it “pek tom yam”). It’s the fastest I've ever encountered in my whole life in Penang or should I say Malaysia. They start to serve your order (food) in just 75 seconds (that’s the fastest I clocked) and all your food will be at your table in just 3 minutes.

Imagine you have just finished ordering your meals and you have few friends, who join you for dinner at that place. You just started conversation with them and viola, your food is served. Sometimes we haven’t order our drinks yet and the food is already at our table. I got no idea how they prepare it so fast. One thing I am sure is, we like to go there to take dinner when we are very hungry (coz they serve faster than any other fast food outlet in the town) and the price is cheap too. 3 dishes cost less than 20 ringgit, sometime 30 ringgit if you order fish, vege and meat.

If you were wondering where this place is, it’s located somewhere near to ferry. I can’t tell the name of the place or the road name. But I can direct you to the place if you were coming out from ferry. Take a left turn (you can only turn left, if you insist on turning right, god bless you), go straight and you should be bypassing Shell on your left. Keep on going straight and about 50 meters before entering Coastal Highway, you should see an apartment on your left which you can also see a karaoke Cafe facing the main road. The coffee shop is just 2 shops next to this karaoke.