Saturday, May 26, 2007

Handbag Snatching at Queensbay Mall

Yesterday morning around 10:10am, I was talking to one of my girl colleague in front of my office. Suddenly we heard a lady screaming like she just witnesses some terrible accident. My colleague was scared and then she grabs my arm and asks, “What’s going on, why someone screams like that?” Then we heard the sound of a motorbike speeding off. I then told my colleague, “It could be someone’s handbag had been snatched”.

We then proceed to nearby and watch from a distance and confirm that a lady’s handbag was snatched by a motorcyclist. She just got down from her car and the snatch thief then grabs her handbag and speed off. Upon get snatch, the lady scream until someone 200 meters away could hear her screaming. A lot of peoples run to the scene to find out what was going on.

I think this lady had learned her lesson, shouldn’t park her car outside the Mall. She could park her car at the multi storey car park provided and it’s just RM1 per entry. So, to all the lady out there, be extra careful when you walking on the street with your handbag. Hold on tight to it and be extra alert when some motorbikes approach you especially when they look like Mat Rempit.

Friday, May 25, 2007

IQ Test

My colleague throws me this IQ question this afternoon after lunch. I nearly got the correct answer, the question goes like this:

"One sweet cost RM1, each sweet will be wrap by one wrapping paper. Three wrapping papers can redeem one sweet. Now, you have RM15, how many sweets can you eat?”

I will write the answer in the comment area, make sure you have your own answer before looking at mine!!!

Monday, May 21, 2007

Penang Junior Badminton Tournament

Last year I was ranked 1st seed of the tournament, and I injured my neck and shoulder on the day I knew I was ranked top seed (what a mishap). It is the first time I was ranked so high in a tournament and I was so exciting. My partners was shock too when we knows our seeding. It was the past years result that lead us to this top rank. I and my partner manage to enter semi-final for the past 2 years of this tournament. We were ranked 3/4 seed two years back.

It end up I have to quit the tournament. I took nearly 6 months to fully recover from it. Now I can play like before I injured but my strength and speed had drop since then. I am 33 years old, not 18 or 20 any more. I wasn’t sure of my participant this year as my regular partner is in Suzhou of China, working as a manager in a new factory. If I am to participate, I definitely need someone who is up to my level, someone who had been under the state training before. By the way, I only play double, I'm no good in single game.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Stranger looking for wife inside my house

Yesterday afternoon while I was polishing Jo’s car in front of my house, I notice one old guy (ah pek, who was in his 70 I guess) stop his motorbike near the gate. Get off from his bike and stand by the gate staring at me. I only look at him for 2 seconds then continue my polishing as I want to quickly finished it (it is hot and I was sweating). Minutes later he entered my house and stand beside me looking at what I was doing there. Below is our conversation:

Ah Pek: Is this your new car?
Me: No, this is not my car and it is not new anymore.
Ah Pek: This car is beautiful.
Me: *grin*
Ah Pek: What are you doing there?
Me: Polishing car.

Ah Pek was puzzled for 2 seconds (can see from his face gesture). May be in the olden days there were no such thing as polishing car.

Ah Pek: Four Dish Ink? (can know he doesn’t speak English)

As I was about to explaining to him what is polishing then something struck my mind.

Me: Who are you looking for?
Ah Pek: My wife.
Me: Your wife!!?!?

I’m puzzled for 2 seconds now, wondering who is his wife and why does he think she is here. I probably forgot that there was a bunch of old ladies inside my house gambling with my grandma.

Me: Who is your wife then?
Ah Pek: She is inside gambling.

I then continue with my business without entertaining him and he goes inside. Few minutes later another car stop in front of the gate and a beautiful girl get down and then entering my house and straight goes inside. Later the Ah Pek came out with his wife and the lady with her grandma.

Later on I figure out my dog “JJ” didn’t bark at them as they should have been came to my house for a few times (JJ will always bark at stranger who was first time coming to my house). There was always stranger walking around the compound of my house looking for my uncle who was at the back doing his job.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Office Notices

for someone who likes backstabbing

for someone who always having break time

for all the bosses

for ID-TEN-T worker

for the hard worker

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Talking behind my back

I’m getting really pissed off now with some of my colleagues. Previously it was my boss, then my manager (my buddy as well… but I think now no more) and the young pink lady (I give her a nick name, call “pinky”), later the “fashion girl” (the taste of this girl get me at least 100 meters away from her), and now those four young fresh graduates (my boss call them “The FOUR King of Level 2” or in mandarin “四大天王”).

What’s wrong with all these peoples? Talking behind my back and yet still pretending they like me. Did I do something wrong, something that pissed you guys off? If you can’t stand me, just do me a favour, tell me off to my face. Don’t talk behind me, I don’t like it. And when I don’t like you, I will straight show it off to your face, you will notice it within second.

Trying to play Mr Nice Guy role in my office doesn’t give me good credits, that’s one thing I learn. So from now on, no more Mr nice guy from me. For work not related to me, I will just tell them “sorry, this is not my concern, I don’t want to be such a ‘kee poh’, this is none of my business” (I learn this from Master Eugene).

Monday, May 7, 2007

Restaurant Nasi Kandar KAYU

Someone sent me this new price lists for KAYU nasi kandar. It looks like KAYU had been getting lots of “sotong” gather at their restaurant until they need to increase the price of their foods.

This is not the first time I heard about their food is expensive. I heard someone get cut throat some years back. The email about this had been circulating throughout the whole Malaysia. Yet there are still “sotong” lepak at their place.

For the past 3 years, I only been there once and what I eat there was Roti Canai and Teh Ais, nothing else. The food is “like that” only, nothing special. I rather eat at somewhere else if it wasn’t that I’m rushing for my badminton game as I recall.

They should have changing their name to Restaurant KAYA instead!

Friday, May 4, 2007

Two "BIG KID" with whitening mask on

Jojo always like to play around with her things on me. This time, she decided to put on whitening mask on my face for the first time. She then put on some on her face as well. After that we stared at each other and laugh. Later we decided to take photos and both we knew what we're going to do with these photos, post up in our blog. So, here we are, two BIG KID with mask.

If we were to go downstair and watch ASTRO, her dad might get heart attack looking at the two BIG KID playing around.

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Odd mannequin in JUSCO

Well, here is the odd thing, look at the middle finger! Some shopper must have purposely done this. I wonder why JUSCO want to use this kind of mannequin. May be its cheap compare to other types.