Monday, April 23, 2007

I scold the SecureParking guy

This morning, a new SecureParking Indian guy wanted to collect fee from me again and of course I refuse to give him and instead I scold him for that. Below is the conversation:

Indian guy: Encik, 2 ringgit. {mister, 2 ringgit}
Meow: 2 ringgit untuk apa? {2 ringgit for what}
Indian guy: Parking.
Meow: Parking apa? {park what?}
Indian guy: Lu punya kereta. {your car}
Meow: Saya tak bawa kereta. {I didn’t drive any car}
Indian guy: Saya nampak awak turun dari kereta tu (pointing at my car). {I saw u getting out from that car}
Meow: Ini bukan kereta, ini meja (pointing at my car). {this is not car, it’s a table}
Indian guy: Meja??? {table???}
Meow: (pointing at the chairs and tables in front of coffee shop) Itu meja and kerusi ada bayar ka? {Are those tables and chairs paying?}
Indian guy: Saya tak tau. {I don’t know}
Meow: Saya boleh beri tau, tak ada, mereka tak bayar kerana u orang tak kutip! {I can tell you, they didn’t, they didn’t pay coz u people didn’t collect}

I start to walk toward my office and this Indian guy call me again.

Indian guy: Encik, 2 ringgit belum bayar lagi. {mister, you haven’t pay 2 ringgit}
Meow: Kan saya sudah cakap, saya punya tu meja, bukan kereta (I started to raise my voice as I speak to him). {I thought I already told u, that’s my table, not car}
Meow: Hang nak kutip apa lagi! *speak with angry look and louder voice* {what u wanna collect some more}

That guy get back to his motorbike and go away... 'ID-TEN-T'


ks said...

Good response!

meow meow said...

Actually this is not the first time I scold the SecureParking people. This guy is new, so the old guy ask him to collect $$ from me coz all other staff had been 'kena' from me before.

Gene Lim said...

why do u have to pay at office parking lot? hmm wonder? and u not worrie meh that the guy go scracth ur car ar?

meow meow said...

cos the whole area belongs to some management and they decided to start collecting or making $$ out of the parking lots as the new shopping mall is going to open soon. Well, all of us in my office area not afraid of them scratching or do some damage to our car as they were kinda like worn by the 'Mahmood Security' guys before (those security are very much like a gangster).

Liz said...

wah ... damn daring! *salute*