Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Make claims

What make a employee flee from employer? Salary under pay, benefits, working environment or relationship in the office? Different person have different opinion. To me, environment come first. No matter how high I get paid to do my job, if my direct superior cannot understand or protect me from outsider, I'm starting to look for new job.

I'm a technical engineer, my job required me to go to customer's place to carry out my daily job. I make claims for the petrol and allowance at the end of the month. We fill in forms in order to make claims. If we make mistake in the forms or fill it incompletely, our claims get cut. Which mean to say, I pay my own petrol to go to customer place to carry out the job our company require me to do. What kind of system is this? Prior to go to customer place to do my job, I get approval from my superior. He knew I have to go there to complete the job yet he still disapprove my claim if I miss out something in the claim form.

Can it be "incomplete" instead of cutting my claim? Let me modify the incomplete part instead of submit to management and paid me less. What on the mind of this person's head? I don't know and I don't wanna know.

For the pass few months, my claims had been cut a few times. I', gonna make some suggestion to management to make some changes on this else we will be continue to have hard time making claims.