Saturday, April 28, 2007

I miss her

I gave up my badminton game tonight just to have dinner with my so call galgal. I was out of town to Ipoh for 2 days for some work. Just back this afternoon, I miss her a lot, it was like didn't see her for donno how many years...

As usual, we ate at the super fast food corner, for just around RM17 for 2 persons. That was kinda cheap for us to eat around the town. Then later ask Master Eugene to join us for another round of "rojak" at Explanade. We order some fruits and 3 of us can barely finish it as we were just finished our dinner less than 30 minutes ago.

I didn't play much badminton lately as I seldom find the utmost desire in me to play it like last time, I donno why, may be after I done some damage to my cervical spine back in June last year. This had stop me from playing regularly for 6 months I guess.

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