Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Theft by stranger, owner give permission to enter house

Someone send me a junk email yesterday regarding a theft case happen in the state where I was staying. Below is the contents from the email:

Just to share with you guys that my home in Bukit Mertajam was "broken into" this morning (6 April 2007). Although nothing much was stolen, just a purse with less than RM100 and 2 hand phones, but the fact that the thief entered my house in broad daylight with my mother's "permission" is truly shocking. Besides, my father, my sister and the day maid are also at home at the same time!
A young Chinese guy came to my house, identifying himself as my brother's friend, and wanting to invite my bro to his upcoming wedding. He came by motorbike and said he is waiting for his mom to come by car to give the invitation card. He said he is thirsty and tired and if he could come into the house to wait for his mom. So my mom opened the door and invited him in.
While my mom was in the kitchen, the thief grabbed the few things and escaped on his motorbike. Luckily, no one was harmed and no weapons were used to steal the stuffs. My family would have been more terrified if weapons had been used.
My mom has always been a very cautious and cynical person. The fact that the thief knew my brother's name and earned my mom's trust to open the door to a perfect stranger is very shocking and horrifying. I believe the thief got my brother's name and address from his secondary school year book.
I hope this mail will allow my friends to learn from this experience. Never trust anyone at all to enter your house and always keep the doors/gates locked. Please share this with your family and friends so no one will fall into the trap again.

Be extra alert these days when open your door and let stranger into your house!

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