Thursday, April 19, 2007


Malaysian Bar Resource Centre or Badan Peguam Malaysia had come out with a Red book last year. This book is all about human rights in Malaysia when we were stop or arrest by policeman. Sometime the policeman misuses their rights against the innocent civilians, and if we do not know our rights we might fall into the trap of this law enforcer.

Recently one of my ex-colleague forwards a junk email to me and it’s about 2 policemen who misuse their power against a guy who was on the way home from office. Luckily this guy read this book before and uses them against these policemen. After reading this mail, I download this file (PDF format) and print it out and keep it inside my car’s compartment (just in case I come across the same situation).

Should you need to get this book, click here and then select the language you prefer.

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