Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Make claims

What make a employee flee from employer? Salary under pay, benefits, working environment or relationship in the office? Different person have different opinion. To me, environment come first. No matter how high I get paid to do my job, if my direct superior cannot understand or protect me from outsider, I'm starting to look for new job.

I'm a technical engineer, my job required me to go to customer's place to carry out my daily job. I make claims for the petrol and allowance at the end of the month. We fill in forms in order to make claims. If we make mistake in the forms or fill it incompletely, our claims get cut. Which mean to say, I pay my own petrol to go to customer place to carry out the job our company require me to do. What kind of system is this? Prior to go to customer place to do my job, I get approval from my superior. He knew I have to go there to complete the job yet he still disapprove my claim if I miss out something in the claim form.

Can it be "incomplete" instead of cutting my claim? Let me modify the incomplete part instead of submit to management and paid me less. What on the mind of this person's head? I don't know and I don't wanna know.

For the pass few months, my claims had been cut a few times. I', gonna make some suggestion to management to make some changes on this else we will be continue to have hard time making claims.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Pain in asshole b'cos of awesome fart

Someone told me just now that his/her asshole was in pain because of he/she give an awesome big fart. Can you believe that! How was it possible? I mean, do you have this kind of experience before? He/she told why he/she feel pain is because before that he/she already doing big business 3 times, so he/she had been feel some pain in the asshole and somemore give a big fart. What an asshole, hahaha....

Woman with math problem

There was this woman in a coffee shop near Hotel Malaysia who was a waitress, her calculation is really sucks. She can't add up the sum of two drinks like RM1.10 + RM1.30, she would sum them up to be RM2.80.

Jo and I used to be having breakfast every last Sunday of the month in this coffee shop as Jo need to sell her beads at Upper Penang Street. So, to save time we normally take our breakfast there. I remember Jo and I order different drinks and one packet of 'Nasi Lemak' (about RM1 per packet), and when we ask this woman to calculate it, she mumble something then she told us the total was something around RM5++. I was puzzled at the moment she told me the amount we had to pay as two drinks and one 'nasi lemak' could cost us so much. I then ask her calculate again. This time the 'tau keh soh' heard it and she came to calculate it. This 'tau keh soh' then told us that assistant is having little problem with math calculation, she apologise to us.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007


兒時,小男孩家很窮,吃飯時,飯常常不夠吃,母親就把自己碗裏的飯分給孩子吃。母親說:孩子們,快吃吧,我不餓! 母親撒的第一個謊  
上初中了,為了繳夠男孩和哥姐的學費,當縫紉工的母親就去居委會領些火柴盒拿回家來,晚上糊了掙點分分錢補點家用。有個冬天,男孩半夜醒來,看到母親還躬著身子在油燈下糊火柴盒。男孩說:母親,睡了吧,明早您還要上班呢。 母親笑笑說:孩子,快睡吧,我不睏!母親撒的第三個謊

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

I hit 2 snatch thieves with my car

I hit two snatch thieves with my car yesterday afternoon at 3:30pm in front of Malvest building at Bukit Jambul Penang. I was just come out from Alliance Bank, then paying my parking ticket. Get into my car with my mom and drove off, then before taking the ‘U’ turn down to Jalan Tun Dr. Awang, I saw a motorbike stop in the middle of the road. I then slow down my car in order for the motorbike to drive off of at least get to the side and let me pass.

Beside the bike, there is a Kancil and the door at the driver’s site is wide open. There is a man pulling something violently inside the car. My instinct tells me both these two man are snatch thieves, my mom also saying the same thing to me at that time. The distance between my car and the snatch thief’s bike is about 10 meters away, and without hesitate, I accelerate my car and hit both snatch thieves on their back. The bike nearly falls to the ground, the other one fall to the ground. Both of them panic when they get up, the thief with the bike speed off when I try to hit it the second time but I failed (my car’s horse power not good enough else I have had hit it again). The other one ran slowly across the road toward the Malay ‘Kampung’ area and disappear. I do get out of my car and shout at those Malay guys sitting across the road to catch that bastard. I’m not sure whether they heard what I shouted and they just watch that guy ran slowly passing by them.

About 10 or 20 seconds later some of the guys there started to chase. They come back to grab some stick later and go after that thief again. That thief manage to get away, but I think he already sustain some injury as he can’t ran fast. Later I heard from the Malay who chase after the thief saying that bastard got ‘parang’ with him, that’s why they came back to grab some stick and go after him.

The victim was an Indian pregnant woman, she was going for her routine check-up at the clinic. She went back to the car to get something from the car according to her. She looked very shocked and can’t speak a word when the doctor and someone in the clinic trying to help her. She lost one necklace and sustains little back pain. The doctor calls police and make report after that.

How bad is the impact? Look at the photos below for yourself. The Kancil’s door at the driver site had open 90 degree widely thanks to my effort to hit the snatch thieves. My car’s front bumper and number plate also damage a bit.




艾倫斯特博士採集了每天跑步 30 公里 以上的馬拉松選手的汗水,分析其汗水的成份,結果發現汗水中含有鎘、鉛、銅、鎳等之重金屬物質。

艾倫斯特博士下的結論是 「每天跑 30 公里 以上的馬拉松選手,自體內深處排出大量汗水的同時,亦將體內累積的致癌成份〝重金屬〞排出體外,徹底去除癌症的根源,因此馬拉松選手是不會得癌症。」



能量之國韓國的排汗市場一年約新台幣 6000 億 ,您知道為什麼一年有幾億人次的韓國國民到黃土能量房去排汗嗎?在沒有任何廣告宣傳的情況下,短短 15 年內形成了如此龐大的市場全靠體驗後的口碑相傳。

因為體驗過後發現 能量排汗無論對慢性病患的病症、促進血液循環或皮膚美容,以及維持苗條的健康身材上皆具有驚人的功效。


對身體而言,為何出汗特別重要呢?排泄體內不需要物質的基本功能,就是排便、排尿與出汗。其中, 汗具有排泄體內疲勞物質或對人體有害的重金屬、毒素的重要作用。雖然尿也會排出重金屬,但是排出功能卻遠不及汗。




資料來源:醫學博士 石井宏子、松原英多合著『遠紅外線三溫暖的秘密』〈安立出版社) Zio

Thursday, September 13, 2007

'YODA' the hamster

Jo's hamster, YODA, pass away this morning. She sms me and told me about it, then I called back to her. She sound very sad and I can hear her crying when she tell me YODA didn't move when she feed it with some food. She will stock up YODA's food every morning before she went to work and after work. Few days ago I already sense YODA is not right coz I seen it taking deep breath several times continuously. Another hamster, name SKYWALKER, died two months ago. When I purchase these 2 hamsters for Jo, she ask me to give them name. I name them YODA & SKYWALKER as I couldn't think of any. At that time I remember I just watch StarWars movie so I just pick the name from the movie. Hope Jo is alright tonight when I see her. If she wanted to buy new hamster, I will take her to the pet shop. But I think she doesn't want anymore, she got no time to clean the cage.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The dogs are back

Cedric, my brother-in-law, he doesn’t want my sis to feel sad after her 2 dogs went missing or kidnapped, went to bought 2 new puppies for her, a Basset Hound puppy (same breed with Bobo) and a Golden Retriever puppy. On his way back home with the new doggies, he found Bobo and Mia, the 2 missing dogs just beside the guard post at the entry/exit route to their housing area. They were left there unattended and luckily no one picks them up and takes them home, so lucky for the 2 dogs.

What my sister can figure out is, the kidnapper must have taken them to MPS (Majlis Perbandaran Selayang) where there is a contest for catching street dogs. The prize money is RM15K 13K and 11K for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. The officer at the contest must have known that Bobo is definitely not a stray dog and refuse to accept them and the 2 indian guys had no place to keep them but to return them.

I do pray to my dad on the day they went missing. I pray to my dad to take care of them and lead them home. Miracle do happen this time, or my father do watching us and protecting us. Now my sis have 4 dogs all together, 2 Basset Hound (or most people prefer to call them Hush Puppy), 1 Labrador Retriever and 1 Golden Retriever. I wish I can be with the dogs now, I can’t wait to see them all.

Maintenance problem

I was appointed the task to maintain all the computers in my office since the day I started to work in this small size company. My office have around 20 units of computers including personal computer, laptop, server, printer, etc. To maintain and keep track of all the computers is a problem for me as I don't have access to the setting of certain devices like DSL modem and router, printer, and some programmer's pc or laptop.
Purchase of new computer will definitely go thru me as I am the one who recommend which brand to purchase. But when purchase new device like switch or router, the management won't be asking my opinion at all. Instead, they will straight away go to that particular staff who always purchase these devices for them since many years ago.
Problems comes in when the newly acquired device is install and I am not taking part in the installation process, and I was not keeping the techinical information about that particular devices. Later when problem arise, I will be ask by my boss or manager to look at the problem and if possible solve. But how? Where to start from? Where to get the information I needed in order to solve it? That person who installed this always asking me back for the info he who installed it and not giving me the info at the first place right after the installation complete.
I have raise this concern of mine to the management several times, but I think their main focus is on the sales and not on other things. I was always left out or not in the office when installation of new hardware take place. Some time I get blame for not doing my job well like adding printer into the new pc of the bitch admin from engineering.

Monday, September 10, 2007

'Bobo' and 'Mia' went missing last Friday morning

My sister's two dogs, Bobo (Basset Hound, male, one and a half years old) and Mia (Labrador Retriever, female, less than one year old) went missing on last Friday morning when my brother-in-law is about to go to work. They were last seen in a car with two indian guy, I guess those two indian guy had kidnapped Bobo and Mia. I never get to see them again, unless my brother-in-law manage to find them today. My trip to KL and stay there this weekend will not be fun as they won't be around to play and swim in the pool with me. I will miss them...

Bobo, always sleep in this style... aren't he looks like a sausage!

Mia, she was just 3 months old when this photo is taken February early this year.