Thursday, September 13, 2007

'YODA' the hamster

Jo's hamster, YODA, pass away this morning. She sms me and told me about it, then I called back to her. She sound very sad and I can hear her crying when she tell me YODA didn't move when she feed it with some food. She will stock up YODA's food every morning before she went to work and after work. Few days ago I already sense YODA is not right coz I seen it taking deep breath several times continuously. Another hamster, name SKYWALKER, died two months ago. When I purchase these 2 hamsters for Jo, she ask me to give them name. I name them YODA & SKYWALKER as I couldn't think of any. At that time I remember I just watch StarWars movie so I just pick the name from the movie. Hope Jo is alright tonight when I see her. If she wanted to buy new hamster, I will take her to the pet shop. But I think she doesn't want anymore, she got no time to clean the cage.

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