Friday, August 3, 2007

The bitch admin

I was the kinda like IT guy in my office as part of my job is to do the installation and maintainance of all the softwares and hardwares of all the pcs and laptops in my office. Last week, one of the administrator's pc broke down. She ask me to troubleshoot it and I did. I found out that either the motherboard or the power supply already 'kong'.

I call Dell's technical support to further clarify my finding on the pc (actually to get quotation for replacing the parts that needs to replace). They then confirm my finding and the pc do need to replace either the motherboard or the power supply. So I ask them to send quotation to me and at the same time I inform this lady admin that her pc need to replace the parts.

The quotation comes in 5 days later, but during that time period this admin lady keeps on asking me about when am I going to fix her pc. I already informed her about the situation and she sound like I did not do my job. She even send an email to me and cc my manager and big boss, this is really driving me mad. Come on you bitch, I already told you I'm waiting for the quotation to replace the part on your pc. Can't you just wait for it, what else you want from me or want me to do!

After my boss reviewing the quotation, he decide to buy new pc as the parts are expensive. So my boss ask me to source a new pc for her and when she heard she can get a new pc, she was very excited and happy. The next day my boss inform me that the new pc will be replacing one of the old pc which is running SAP at the moment. So that old pc will be replace the admin's pc.

Now I really don't know how am I going to tell this admin, she might think that all this while I was making her excited and then pour water on her face. She might be talking behind my back again accusing me of purposely doing that (actually I don't talk much with her, she is one of a kind). Well, I guess I need to ask my manager to send out an email stating this so that I can get away from this kind of office gossip.


Joez said...

If she asked u again, just ask the bitch admin to ask the boss herself.

meow meow / MeowX2 said...

she will think I recommend my boss to swap the pc, that's my point here

Joez said...

nvm long as it was yr boss passing the mssg.

Anonymous said...

I had a brush with a mean admin today. I asked her if I could borrow a sticky note, and she went into this speech about how I should go to 'my' admin, that she had 40 people in her group and she did not want 41. She said all this with a smile on her face, then she hands me the sticky notes. The last time I asked for an office supply was from a different admin in the same office. It was pencil leads. She gave me a similar treatment. What is the deal?? Why so much resentment. Why such small thinking? Did she not get enough hugs growing up??

Anonymous said...

Happened again. It's been 3 weeks since I asked an 'admin' for anything. This time I walked around the office for 20 minutes looking for an empty CD jewel case. That's right, we can't afford such luxuries, especially when they are so sought after and revered by all, that they will certainly be stolen. Anyway, I asked a person who had a stack of them in plain sight for one (1) empty case, and got at first a ‘no, we really don't supply those to other people’, then from behind the wall a nice lady shouted "ASK YOUR ADMIN". Ok, I must remember to not ask anyone other than 'my admin' for anything ever! Ms. Admin, I need a tourniquet, I’m bleeding out, could you please go get ‘my admin’ for me… Extreme I know, but hey, I’m venting. So I go to 'my admin's cube and she is gone, and she is hiding the cases, again, so we won't steal them. So I spend the next 20 minutes looking for one. I won't say how much 20 minutes of my time cost the office, but it was somewhat more than the cost of a jewel case. Oh, yeah, and add 10 minutes to complain about the experience and write this post. If at all possible, I must remember not to ask any of the admins for anything ever again! In fairness, I will say that these ladies are probably ok people in real life, but they work with engineers all day long, and probably stay just on this side of sanity because of it. They are working within a structure that was laid out by the company. I must learn to go with the flow!