Monday, September 10, 2007

'Bobo' and 'Mia' went missing last Friday morning

My sister's two dogs, Bobo (Basset Hound, male, one and a half years old) and Mia (Labrador Retriever, female, less than one year old) went missing on last Friday morning when my brother-in-law is about to go to work. They were last seen in a car with two indian guy, I guess those two indian guy had kidnapped Bobo and Mia. I never get to see them again, unless my brother-in-law manage to find them today. My trip to KL and stay there this weekend will not be fun as they won't be around to play and swim in the pool with me. I will miss them...

Bobo, always sleep in this style... aren't he looks like a sausage!

Mia, she was just 3 months old when this photo is taken February early this year.

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