Thursday, August 30, 2007


Malaysia will be celebrating 50 years of independence tomorrow, I have seen lot of cars with national flag decorated (some even have dozens of flags, I doubted whether they can see the road when drive). But until today, I still haven't seen any Chinese put up or decorate their car. Why? I know why, all chinese knows the reasons. All chinese knows how well the government treat us. But who dares to speak it out, no one. I know there is one guy who dares to speak, but he ain't chinese. Visit this guy at Malaysia Today.

Monday, August 27, 2007

'kor lock peng'

I was buying my lunch just now at a 'kopi tiam' beside Queensbay Mall, then when I am paying for it at the counter, the lady in front of me order a drink to take away (tar pao).
Tau keh soh: Want to tar pao any drink?
Lady in front: kor lock peng
Upon hearing what she order, I was stunned and puzzled for a few seconds. What is that she was ordering? Why I never heard of such drink before in any of the 'kopi tiam' in Penang?
Tau keh soh: That would be RM... please.
After paying for the total amount, the lady walks to the back to take her order.
MeowX2: What is 'kor lock peng'?
Tau keh soh: She is Taiwanese la, she doesn't speak our hokkien very well, she order cola with ice.
If you read coca-cola or coke in Mandarin, it will sound like 'Ke ler' and if you read it in Cantonese, it will sound like 'hor lock'. This Taiwanese lady mixed all 3 languages in 1, Mandarin in the 1st word, Cantonese the 2nd and local Hokkien in the last word. I was laughing non-stop for about 20 seconds, and my evil brain start to work out something.
MeowX2: Can I tar pao 'si pai peng'
Upon saying out this, I start to laugh non-stop again.
Tau keh soh: What is that?
MeowX2: Sprite with ice la.
Tau keh soh: You really want sprite with ice ah?
MeowX2: No la, just playing with you nia la...
Tau keh soh: Get lost...
I was quite friend with this Tau keh soh already as I always goes to her coffee shop eat breakfast and lunch. So, she won't get angry with me.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Inconsiderate (ID-TEN-T) female driver

I encounter this idiot female driver yesterday afternoon who was driving a Perodua Kancil in green colour. What she done to me was, she park her car half way in the parking lot. Half of the car actually blocking my car from reversing. Look at how this ID-TEN-T park her car in the picture I drown.
She was just stop by, came out from the car and goes into one of the shop to buy something. She left her kids in the car. Whats wrong with this woman? One word to describe her, inconsiderate. Inconsiderate for others and her family members too. She left her kids out of her site for almost 5 minutes. Who knows what will happen to the kids, got kidnap, someone drove her car off with her kids (the engine is still running). I witness it because I was waiting for my mom inside my car.
When I was about to reverse my car out, I have to sound my car's horn. She then came out from the shop about 30 seconds later and saying in malay 'sat sat' (in english mean wait wait). I then yell at her "parking baik baik la, depan kereta awak kan ada tempat lagi". After hearing what I said to her, she wasn't happy with it. She yell back at me "sekejap saja, tunggu lah". Upon hearing this, I yell back at her, "awak ni orang cacat ke, parking pun tak tau". She then gets into her car, and before she close her car's door, I yell louder at her again, "perempuan bodoh". I'm sure she heard it, because she stair back at me. Later she drove off, and me, flee the scene too.
I just can't understand those ID-TEN-T people, it's just a few meter away from parking the car properly instead of blocking other. Some more left their kids in the car with engine still running, what kind of mother is this? I myself are ID-TEN-T too, because my gal always said sitting in my car when I drive is like riding roller coaster, hahaha....

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Ballroom Dancing

No, it wasn't me joining ballroom dancing. It's Jo, she likes dancing very much until she would skip anything just for it. And me, would drive her to the dancing class every session. She will be joining the competition this coming November in PISA (Penang International Sports Arena) and Bayview Beach Hotel (if I'm not mistaken of the venue).
Jo went for dancing practice again last night, and me, as usual will be sitting there watching her practice. Actually am not interesting in watching her dancing (coz the dance she practice is not interesting at all), I'm there to watch her instructor teaching other dancing like Tango, Cha Cha, Salsa, Rumba, etc. John, is the name of her instructor, dance pretty good among all I have ever see thru my own eyes.
There are some others colleagues of Jo joining the dancing and competition as well. Pinky, the short little chinese girl (this Pinky is not the one in my office) and Azmi, the bumiputra from Sabah (I forgot about his races), are forming a dance couple for the competition. Everytime they were there, I will be laughing watching them dancing. You know why? Simple, I don't think they are dancing, I think they are there to do charity. This style of dance they practice would required them to swing their arm and hand toward their back with their palm facing down and fingers open like wanted to scratch something. When John teach them, John told them they have to do it like throwing stone away or throw to the back. Of course Pinky and Azmi are doing the same thing too, but they do it in a way like doing charity, like giving away free food or something (na, give you something). They were like being force to do it, or no mood and strength to dance. If you were there together with me, I think you will be thinking the same way too.
I wanted to laugh out loud everytime I see them doing this, but then I can't laugh at the scene. There are lots of peoples around who also practice dancing at the dancehouse or studio. I wish I could post the video I capture last night on this couple doing charity, but I think Jo will kill me before the video go live.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Celebrity Photo Quiz

45%The Movie Quiz
I failed this quiz too... and I think I need to watch more movies...

8th Grade Science Quiz

Mingle2 Free Online Dating - Science Quiz
Seems like I failed my 8th Grade Science Quiz, oh boy, I really need to watch more discovery science...

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Not being myself

I was not able to be myself everytime I make jokes to colleagues in my office. Friendship had fade since mid last year when they organise a dinner to Bukit Genting at Teluk Kumbar. I told them my experience there when the first time I went up there. It was kinda freak me out, I witness a Proton Iswara slide down the slope if it wasn't a big rock that hold it in its position then this car would have had going down the steep hill reversely.
I told them all this just to make them aware of the danger driving up there. My motive was to make them aware of the danger but they take it as I was purposely scare them by saying all this and some even think that I made this up. My buddy (he was my manager now and was the person who introduce me into this company) even said to others that I was chicken to go up there.
Then something happen to me in November last year which I had to "swallow a dead cat" (in cantonese they call it "sek sei mao") for something I was not aware off. It was a project that was implement at one of our customer which I was in the mailng lists at the beginning and the ending. What happen in between the project I was not informed at all as I wasn't in the mailing lists anymore. Then suddently something happen to the project, a big issue accussed by the customer that it was belong to the malfunction of the products we sold to them. The technical person who handle this project suddently drag me into it and want me to help solving it. It wasn't that I doesn't want to help but I was not managing the project from beginning. How am I going to help by suddently pulling me into it? I know nothing except for when and where the project started and ended. The person incharge then complained to my manager and this had made me an uncooperative person among colleagues.
After the above incidents and some others small small matters, I had pull myself out from all activities organise by them like karaoke, movie, dinner, etc. I just don't see myself in it or why should I join them for all these activities.
Last night they organise another dinner at BUkit Tambun, I initially told them I would join them but I fly them a concord airplane last minute. Being together with them will make me very uncomfortable especially when chit chatting. Everytime I had to think twice before saying something or making jokes. I just can't see myself in the group anymore, lots of things had change.
For me at the moment, friendship doesn't exist in this office environment other than the two new technician, the new sales girl and my department's admin (not the bitch admin from Engineering on the post below). Of course there are still some other colleagues that I think they are neutral but I don't talk to them much or I don't deal with them often.

Friday, August 3, 2007

The bitch admin

I was the kinda like IT guy in my office as part of my job is to do the installation and maintainance of all the softwares and hardwares of all the pcs and laptops in my office. Last week, one of the administrator's pc broke down. She ask me to troubleshoot it and I did. I found out that either the motherboard or the power supply already 'kong'.

I call Dell's technical support to further clarify my finding on the pc (actually to get quotation for replacing the parts that needs to replace). They then confirm my finding and the pc do need to replace either the motherboard or the power supply. So I ask them to send quotation to me and at the same time I inform this lady admin that her pc need to replace the parts.

The quotation comes in 5 days later, but during that time period this admin lady keeps on asking me about when am I going to fix her pc. I already informed her about the situation and she sound like I did not do my job. She even send an email to me and cc my manager and big boss, this is really driving me mad. Come on you bitch, I already told you I'm waiting for the quotation to replace the part on your pc. Can't you just wait for it, what else you want from me or want me to do!

After my boss reviewing the quotation, he decide to buy new pc as the parts are expensive. So my boss ask me to source a new pc for her and when she heard she can get a new pc, she was very excited and happy. The next day my boss inform me that the new pc will be replacing one of the old pc which is running SAP at the moment. So that old pc will be replace the admin's pc.

Now I really don't know how am I going to tell this admin, she might think that all this while I was making her excited and then pour water on her face. She might be talking behind my back again accusing me of purposely doing that (actually I don't talk much with her, she is one of a kind). Well, I guess I need to ask my manager to send out an email stating this so that I can get away from this kind of office gossip.