Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Maintenance problem

I was appointed the task to maintain all the computers in my office since the day I started to work in this small size company. My office have around 20 units of computers including personal computer, laptop, server, printer, etc. To maintain and keep track of all the computers is a problem for me as I don't have access to the setting of certain devices like DSL modem and router, printer, and some programmer's pc or laptop.
Purchase of new computer will definitely go thru me as I am the one who recommend which brand to purchase. But when purchase new device like switch or router, the management won't be asking my opinion at all. Instead, they will straight away go to that particular staff who always purchase these devices for them since many years ago.
Problems comes in when the newly acquired device is install and I am not taking part in the installation process, and I was not keeping the techinical information about that particular devices. Later when problem arise, I will be ask by my boss or manager to look at the problem and if possible solve. But how? Where to start from? Where to get the information I needed in order to solve it? That person who installed this always asking me back for the info he who installed it and not giving me the info at the first place right after the installation complete.
I have raise this concern of mine to the management several times, but I think their main focus is on the sales and not on other things. I was always left out or not in the office when installation of new hardware take place. Some time I get blame for not doing my job well like adding printer into the new pc of the bitch admin from engineering.

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