Thursday, October 4, 2007

Woman with math problem

There was this woman in a coffee shop near Hotel Malaysia who was a waitress, her calculation is really sucks. She can't add up the sum of two drinks like RM1.10 + RM1.30, she would sum them up to be RM2.80.

Jo and I used to be having breakfast every last Sunday of the month in this coffee shop as Jo need to sell her beads at Upper Penang Street. So, to save time we normally take our breakfast there. I remember Jo and I order different drinks and one packet of 'Nasi Lemak' (about RM1 per packet), and when we ask this woman to calculate it, she mumble something then she told us the total was something around RM5++. I was puzzled at the moment she told me the amount we had to pay as two drinks and one 'nasi lemak' could cost us so much. I then ask her calculate again. This time the 'tau keh soh' heard it and she came to calculate it. This 'tau keh soh' then told us that assistant is having little problem with math calculation, she apologise to us.

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