Tuesday, April 17, 2007

LHDN e-Filing

Malaysia’s tax payer can now submit their previous year’s income tax form through the online e-filing. This feature had been introduced to the public since last year. To be able to use it, user needs to have the PIN code which come together with their BE-6 form and then register in LHDN website. A step by step guide is provided to make sure user register with them correctly.

I receive my BE-6 form early this year and found this PIN included in the form. So, I open up the website and register with them. Everything seems ok during registration and installation of the digital certificate into my pc. Then I started to login as I wanted to declare my taxation for the year 2006. When it comes to the verifying password part, I get this message:

Run Time Error ‘5’: Invalid procedure call or argument

At first I thought it was my pc’s problem, then later I do the same thing in office and I get the same error again. I even ask around my friends and colleagues who had registered to use this feature, all of them also facing the same problem. Then I think to myself, what the heck, LHDN is encouraging us to submit our form online and yet this e-filing thing is not functioning properly. Are they fully tested their e-filing system before implementing it? Or they are using the public (us) to test it out for them. What an ‘I D TEN T’ (refer to my previous post for this definition) local government body.

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Joez said...

Aiya...that means we still have to go to the office to submit ler? Chia lat !