Sunday, April 15, 2007

super fast food corner

I had been thinking for the past 2 days on what should be my first post and finally I thought of this, which I call “super fast meal” seafood corner (name of the coffee shop is “Ghee Seng Tomyam Seafood” I think, my friends call it “pek tom yam”). It’s the fastest I've ever encountered in my whole life in Penang or should I say Malaysia. They start to serve your order (food) in just 75 seconds (that’s the fastest I clocked) and all your food will be at your table in just 3 minutes.

Imagine you have just finished ordering your meals and you have few friends, who join you for dinner at that place. You just started conversation with them and viola, your food is served. Sometimes we haven’t order our drinks yet and the food is already at our table. I got no idea how they prepare it so fast. One thing I am sure is, we like to go there to take dinner when we are very hungry (coz they serve faster than any other fast food outlet in the town) and the price is cheap too. 3 dishes cost less than 20 ringgit, sometime 30 ringgit if you order fish, vege and meat.

If you were wondering where this place is, it’s located somewhere near to ferry. I can’t tell the name of the place or the road name. But I can direct you to the place if you were coming out from ferry. Take a left turn (you can only turn left, if you insist on turning right, god bless you), go straight and you should be bypassing Shell on your left. Keep on going straight and about 50 meters before entering Coastal Highway, you should see an apartment on your left which you can also see a karaoke Cafe facing the main road. The coffee shop is just 2 shops next to this karaoke.

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