Thursday, September 6, 2007

Customer is 'THE 'KING'

A lot of company practicing customer is 'THE KING' phrase. Which means whatever customer request, we must fulfill them in anyway we can. Even their request is non-sense or impossible. My employer too, wants us to practice this. But after some time, I found this to be very ridiculous. When client found out that they are 'THE KING', they start to make all kinds of request even it's not in our business role or business nature.

One of our customers in Ipoh bought a product from us. After setting it up, I found out that the area they are going to used the product does not performed up to expectation. I further investigate and found the root cause of the problem to be insufficient coverage of Access Point (AP). I suggested to them that they need to change to a more powerful antenna or installed additional AP in that particular area. They came back to Salesman that it's our problem not telling them they have required all this in the first place.

I have done my job. I am not going to deal with this customer anymore unless my boss tells me to. They are bunch of ID-TEN-T people in this world who wants to take advantage of others. I'll let my boss handle this since they are the one who wants us to practice 'THE KING' thingy, "padan muka"…

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