Sunday, September 2, 2007

Retarded (ID-TEN-T) driver

Imagine you are in your 40s, you drive a Perodua Kancil (small car like Smart for 2). You want to park your car into a parking lot previously occupied by a Honda Accord and you have to do a side parking. The space is about the length of Honda Accord plus 4 meters. How many times would you take to park your car perfectly into the space (I mean you try to reverse your car into the space from the side of the car infront of the space)? Two times, three times or may be four times and definitely not more than that (I assume you are had been driving for more than 10 years with good driving skill).
Last night while having dinner at McDonald Greenland, I saw a guy in his 40s, driving a Kancil with his family in the car. He tried to do side parking into a space same as I mention above, takes more than 3 times of reversing from the side line of the car infront and 2 times of adjusting the car into the perfect position. The whole thing happen for more than 5 minutes just to get the small Kancil park into the space which occupied by Honda Accord. Just in case you are not aware, the length of Honda Accord is about twice the length of Perodua Kancil.
I was watching it from the moment the Honda Accord try to move out from the space. It was a hard time for it as the front and the back is very close to each other, but the driver manage to move his car out within 30 seconds. I think the Kancil driver need to refresh his parking skill during a JPJ driving test again. Ohh... I forgot to mention, the driver is from Terengganu as the car plate is "TAG XXXX".

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