Monday, August 27, 2007

'kor lock peng'

I was buying my lunch just now at a 'kopi tiam' beside Queensbay Mall, then when I am paying for it at the counter, the lady in front of me order a drink to take away (tar pao).
Tau keh soh: Want to tar pao any drink?
Lady in front: kor lock peng
Upon hearing what she order, I was stunned and puzzled for a few seconds. What is that she was ordering? Why I never heard of such drink before in any of the 'kopi tiam' in Penang?
Tau keh soh: That would be RM... please.
After paying for the total amount, the lady walks to the back to take her order.
MeowX2: What is 'kor lock peng'?
Tau keh soh: She is Taiwanese la, she doesn't speak our hokkien very well, she order cola with ice.
If you read coca-cola or coke in Mandarin, it will sound like 'Ke ler' and if you read it in Cantonese, it will sound like 'hor lock'. This Taiwanese lady mixed all 3 languages in 1, Mandarin in the 1st word, Cantonese the 2nd and local Hokkien in the last word. I was laughing non-stop for about 20 seconds, and my evil brain start to work out something.
MeowX2: Can I tar pao 'si pai peng'
Upon saying out this, I start to laugh non-stop again.
Tau keh soh: What is that?
MeowX2: Sprite with ice la.
Tau keh soh: You really want sprite with ice ah?
MeowX2: No la, just playing with you nia la...
Tau keh soh: Get lost...
I was quite friend with this Tau keh soh already as I always goes to her coffee shop eat breakfast and lunch. So, she won't get angry with me.


Joez said...

u memang 'kao lat'

meow meow / MeowX2 said...

just play play with tau keh soh ma...

Gene Lim said...

chialat man la u....
heheheh funny!