Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Ballroom Dancing

No, it wasn't me joining ballroom dancing. It's Jo, she likes dancing very much until she would skip anything just for it. And me, would drive her to the dancing class every session. She will be joining the competition this coming November in PISA (Penang International Sports Arena) and Bayview Beach Hotel (if I'm not mistaken of the venue).
Jo went for dancing practice again last night, and me, as usual will be sitting there watching her practice. Actually am not interesting in watching her dancing (coz the dance she practice is not interesting at all), I'm there to watch her instructor teaching other dancing like Tango, Cha Cha, Salsa, Rumba, etc. John, is the name of her instructor, dance pretty good among all I have ever see thru my own eyes.
There are some others colleagues of Jo joining the dancing and competition as well. Pinky, the short little chinese girl (this Pinky is not the one in my office) and Azmi, the bumiputra from Sabah (I forgot about his races), are forming a dance couple for the competition. Everytime they were there, I will be laughing watching them dancing. You know why? Simple, I don't think they are dancing, I think they are there to do charity. This style of dance they practice would required them to swing their arm and hand toward their back with their palm facing down and fingers open like wanted to scratch something. When John teach them, John told them they have to do it like throwing stone away or throw to the back. Of course Pinky and Azmi are doing the same thing too, but they do it in a way like doing charity, like giving away free food or something (na, give you something). They were like being force to do it, or no mood and strength to dance. If you were there together with me, I think you will be thinking the same way too.
I wanted to laugh out loud everytime I see them doing this, but then I can't laugh at the scene. There are lots of peoples around who also practice dancing at the dancehouse or studio. I wish I could post the video I capture last night on this couple doing charity, but I think Jo will kill me before the video go live.

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