Saturday, August 25, 2007

Inconsiderate (ID-TEN-T) female driver

I encounter this idiot female driver yesterday afternoon who was driving a Perodua Kancil in green colour. What she done to me was, she park her car half way in the parking lot. Half of the car actually blocking my car from reversing. Look at how this ID-TEN-T park her car in the picture I drown.
She was just stop by, came out from the car and goes into one of the shop to buy something. She left her kids in the car. Whats wrong with this woman? One word to describe her, inconsiderate. Inconsiderate for others and her family members too. She left her kids out of her site for almost 5 minutes. Who knows what will happen to the kids, got kidnap, someone drove her car off with her kids (the engine is still running). I witness it because I was waiting for my mom inside my car.
When I was about to reverse my car out, I have to sound my car's horn. She then came out from the shop about 30 seconds later and saying in malay 'sat sat' (in english mean wait wait). I then yell at her "parking baik baik la, depan kereta awak kan ada tempat lagi". After hearing what I said to her, she wasn't happy with it. She yell back at me "sekejap saja, tunggu lah". Upon hearing this, I yell back at her, "awak ni orang cacat ke, parking pun tak tau". She then gets into her car, and before she close her car's door, I yell louder at her again, "perempuan bodoh". I'm sure she heard it, because she stair back at me. Later she drove off, and me, flee the scene too.
I just can't understand those ID-TEN-T people, it's just a few meter away from parking the car properly instead of blocking other. Some more left their kids in the car with engine still running, what kind of mother is this? I myself are ID-TEN-T too, because my gal always said sitting in my car when I drive is like riding roller coaster, hahaha....


hao said...

She's driving a Kancil and she doesn't even bother to park nicely as if there's not enough space for her gigantic kancil?! *shakehead*

And thanks for linking me ;)

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ks said...

memang bodoh!