Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Snatch thieves scout in gang

Now a day snatch thief doesn’t work alone, they usually came by group of at least 2 bikes. So, if you happen to encounter with them, look out for their fellow companion. Normally one bike goes to snatch and the other will look around and alert the other to flee the scene when someone approaches.

Yesterday morning my mom met with the snatch thieves while on her way to market. The thief came from side and pulls her necklace. Without hesitate, my mom hold on to the necklace and her shirt as the thief also grab her shirt together with the necklace. After few attempt and failed, the thief push my mom fall to the ground. She was so scared until she can’t speak a word when someone saw the incident and came to help her.

Nothing was get snatch by the thief. She sustains some bruise on the elbow and she came back after the incident without proceeding to market anymore. Her back feel pain hours later because when she falls to the floor, her butt landed first and then the elbow. I was afraid there might be some unseen fatal wound on her so I took half-day leave to take her to clinic for checking. Luckily after check up, doctor said nothing to worry about as it was just normal wound.

This is all my fault, I should have wake up earlier and fetch her to market. Normally she would follow my car every morning when I was on my way to work. Yesterday morning I was over slept by 20 minutes and by the time I’m ready to go to work, she already left.

While fetching her to market this morning, I told my mom to always walk home when there is someone along the route to our house. I even ask my ten years old nephew to accompany my mom to market every morning. Just hope this thing won’t happen to her again after some precautions taken.


Laura said...

Sorry about ur mom. Hoped that she will get over the trauma quickly.

Most snatch thieves work in pairs but this is the first time I heard there are two bikes.

Whenever I go to any place, I scout around to see if there is anyone on a bike waiting by the roadside . This is usually the other snatch thieves partner , ready to scoot when the job is done.

Becareful when u see a single male on a bike waiting by the roadside .U will know his partner is lurking and mingling in the crowd looking for potential victims, usually woman..

meow meow said...

Hi laura, after the first incident where my aunt's hand bag get snatch away in front of me, I was always in alert situation. Me and my gf were extra careful everytime when we crossing road, walking by road side or eating in a coffee shop.