Monday, June 4, 2007

Paintball Game

I was playing paintball game with my colleagues last Saturday afternoon at this paintball field near Yeap Chor Ee road. It was fun playing this shooting game. There were a bunch of peoples with their professional equipments, like their own marker (gun), protection gear, googles, jersey and pants, etc. I manage to snaps a few pictures of their equipments.
The bullet (paintball)

The banner

The marker (gun)

Googles (face cover or mask)

Professional marker or gun

Another professional gun

The battle field

The battle field from different view

RM350 for 2000 paintballs (bullets) for 14 persons will only last 3 rounds of game which we played for around 30 minutes. Each persons will get approximately 142 paintballs. I only used half of my paintballs as I give away some to my team member (they shoot wild a lot) and drop nearly half of it when I slip on the wet mud. I manage to gun down 4 and make another 4 surrender. I think I am the champion in this game, haha....

I wish I could snap more pictures of the equipments they have. If you are interested to know more about paintball stuff, go to this link Protopaintball.

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