Saturday, June 9, 2007

Technical vs Sales

I am a technical staff, I work as an Application Engineer or Technical Engineer in a technical department. My work was to solve customer’s problem or ease their problems with our products. Sometimes I need to demo our products to our customer, to show them how it will help them out.

Sales staff was different. They need to sell as much product as possible. They need to hit their quota. Sometimes they will recommend customer to buy products that doesn’t suite their problem. But of course, it should be more expensive than the one that best solve their problem. Why? They need to hit their quota and the most important thing is higher commission.

I don’t give it a shit if my company does not hit the sales quota. To me, making customer feel satisfy is my first role. If customer bought those products that doesn’t suite them well, they will keeps on coming back to us (technical) for solutions, which will in turn make my work getting harder and harder.

Sales man always came to me looking for a solution for their customer, but they always abandon my suggestion and stick to their own. Their suggestion will always less helping customer but will definitely boots their sales. But then, why came to me on the first place for solution since they already had in mind what to sell to their customer? I just don’t understand them, and not intended to figure it out.

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