Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Mixed drink

Have you ever try to mixed 100plus, Sprites, lemon and longan in a drink with ice? I bet you haven’t! Try it, not bad too. Joez wanted to start selling drink at Little Penang Street next Sunday. So she and I went to Sunshine Square to buy lemon last night. She wants to make something new, something that no one sells before. We already have 100PLUS, Sprites, 7-UP, tea Boh and longan at home.

First, she mixed 100plus, Sprites and longan and the taste, not bad. Then add in lemon, which she asks her dad to try out. I think her dad only drink half of it then handed it back to Jo, he said it was too sour. I try it later on, ok la, not bad. I like this mixture too, you know why? I consume a lots of sour drinks, fruits, stuff like that, I like sour. My favourite food of all time, Penang laksa and rojak. Of course, both are sour.


Gene Lim said...

wei..dun mix too much..later ppl lau sai eh :P

u of course okie la..coz u r the sour king!

meow meow said...

Actually before I consume the drink, I told your sis the same thing too. Luckily until now still didn't LS, I think the drink is ok la.