Monday, June 4, 2007

Déjà vu

Joez and I were having supper with my closed friend at “Ali” stall in front of Celcom building at Burma Road last Wednesday night. My buddy was back from China with his 2 girl’s colleague. They were here for holiday in Pulau Paya, Langkawi and Redang. My friend had just changed new mobile phone, Nokia N95. I was playing with his N95 then suddenly the low battery message pop up on the screen. At this point something struck my mind, something tells me I seen this or experience this before.

I mean, I was in this place, holding this Nokia N95, sitting on this chair, facing the Celcom building and all my friends were here together with me at this particular location. This picture keeps on showing up in my mind, but when did I seen it before? This is the first time I came to this place, first time in this back alley. I don’t even know there is an Indian “Roti Canai” stall here. But how come my mind tells me I seen this before? I can’t explain, don’t even recall I had dreamed of it before.

Later I told Jo about this, she said this is déjà vu. Some people will experience this. Just like her manager once had déjà vu too. Until today, I still can’t explain when I experienced it. May be it’s in my dream, as I forgot all my dreams right after I woke up from it. Then that night was like reminder to my mind that I had this in my dream. But weird, how can I dream of something haven’t happen before or dreaming the future. It’s really weird and strange! Had you have any deja vu too?

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