Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Talking behind my back

I’m getting really pissed off now with some of my colleagues. Previously it was my boss, then my manager (my buddy as well… but I think now no more) and the young pink lady (I give her a nick name, call “pinky”), later the “fashion girl” (the taste of this girl get me at least 100 meters away from her), and now those four young fresh graduates (my boss call them “The FOUR King of Level 2” or in mandarin “四大天王”).

What’s wrong with all these peoples? Talking behind my back and yet still pretending they like me. Did I do something wrong, something that pissed you guys off? If you can’t stand me, just do me a favour, tell me off to my face. Don’t talk behind me, I don’t like it. And when I don’t like you, I will straight show it off to your face, you will notice it within second.

Trying to play Mr Nice Guy role in my office doesn’t give me good credits, that’s one thing I learn. So from now on, no more Mr nice guy from me. For work not related to me, I will just tell them “sorry, this is not my concern, I don’t want to be such a ‘kee poh’, this is none of my business” (I learn this from Master Eugene).


Anonymous said...

so many ppl talk behind yr back...its obvious the one with issues is you, not them

meow meow said...

At first, I thought the issue is on me too. Then I change to the way favour to them. But then, new gossips came out. What you think, its me or them?

Joez said...

Ur office ppl memang kepo la. Dun tell them too much abt yr personal stuff. Office politics everywhere. Well, if u think u're right, u must voice out, dun let ppl bully u. Learn to protect yourself.