Monday, May 7, 2007

Restaurant Nasi Kandar KAYU

Someone sent me this new price lists for KAYU nasi kandar. It looks like KAYU had been getting lots of “sotong” gather at their restaurant until they need to increase the price of their foods.

This is not the first time I heard about their food is expensive. I heard someone get cut throat some years back. The email about this had been circulating throughout the whole Malaysia. Yet there are still “sotong” lepak at their place.

For the past 3 years, I only been there once and what I eat there was Roti Canai and Teh Ais, nothing else. The food is “like that” only, nothing special. I rather eat at somewhere else if it wasn’t that I’m rushing for my badminton game as I recall.

They should have changing their name to Restaurant KAYA instead!


Gallivanter said...

If that's true, we need to lodge a complaint w the consumers association.

NickTay said...

and I thought their old prices were expensive...wah!

meow meow said...

gallivanter, lodge a report with the consumers association won't help as food is prepare by the restaurant and they can charge any amount they like. It depends on consumer whether they think the food and the service is up to the price they set or not.

nicktay, yea, the old price is already expensive and now they increase some more. I don't think I would ever wanted to go KAYU anymore.