Sunday, May 13, 2007

Stranger looking for wife inside my house

Yesterday afternoon while I was polishing Jo’s car in front of my house, I notice one old guy (ah pek, who was in his 70 I guess) stop his motorbike near the gate. Get off from his bike and stand by the gate staring at me. I only look at him for 2 seconds then continue my polishing as I want to quickly finished it (it is hot and I was sweating). Minutes later he entered my house and stand beside me looking at what I was doing there. Below is our conversation:

Ah Pek: Is this your new car?
Me: No, this is not my car and it is not new anymore.
Ah Pek: This car is beautiful.
Me: *grin*
Ah Pek: What are you doing there?
Me: Polishing car.

Ah Pek was puzzled for 2 seconds (can see from his face gesture). May be in the olden days there were no such thing as polishing car.

Ah Pek: Four Dish Ink? (can know he doesn’t speak English)

As I was about to explaining to him what is polishing then something struck my mind.

Me: Who are you looking for?
Ah Pek: My wife.
Me: Your wife!!?!?

I’m puzzled for 2 seconds now, wondering who is his wife and why does he think she is here. I probably forgot that there was a bunch of old ladies inside my house gambling with my grandma.

Me: Who is your wife then?
Ah Pek: She is inside gambling.

I then continue with my business without entertaining him and he goes inside. Few minutes later another car stop in front of the gate and a beautiful girl get down and then entering my house and straight goes inside. Later the Ah Pek came out with his wife and the lady with her grandma.

Later on I figure out my dog “JJ” didn’t bark at them as they should have been came to my house for a few times (JJ will always bark at stranger who was first time coming to my house). There was always stranger walking around the compound of my house looking for my uncle who was at the back doing his job.

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