Monday, May 21, 2007

Penang Junior Badminton Tournament

Last year I was ranked 1st seed of the tournament, and I injured my neck and shoulder on the day I knew I was ranked top seed (what a mishap). It is the first time I was ranked so high in a tournament and I was so exciting. My partners was shock too when we knows our seeding. It was the past years result that lead us to this top rank. I and my partner manage to enter semi-final for the past 2 years of this tournament. We were ranked 3/4 seed two years back.

It end up I have to quit the tournament. I took nearly 6 months to fully recover from it. Now I can play like before I injured but my strength and speed had drop since then. I am 33 years old, not 18 or 20 any more. I wasn’t sure of my participant this year as my regular partner is in Suzhou of China, working as a manager in a new factory. If I am to participate, I definitely need someone who is up to my level, someone who had been under the state training before. By the way, I only play double, I'm no good in single game.


Joez said...

Dun push yrself too hard. Winning is a complimentary. Experience is the prize :)

meow meow said...

Not intended to win or entering final... told you brfore, this will qualify myself to senior player which I cannot participate in other tournament specifically for junior player.