Wednesday, July 4, 2007

New slimming idea - fear factor method

Ever thought of locking someone who was fat and fears of cockroach together in a seal room? The effect is he/she will get slim down by running and screaming all over the room when the cockroach start to flap its wings and fly.

Last night when having dinner with Jo, she mention that she want to get slimming again start from tomorrow (I already lost count how many times she said this to me). She always complains she was fat. So, last night I thought of this idea and told her. I’m going to lock her in a room let her in the room alone for around an hour. Before I lock the room, I will put in a cockroach. Jo afraid of cockroach very much, in fact, I think she will cry out as loud as she could if she was to wake up in the middle of the night and find out a cockroach crawling her bedsheet.

So, Jo will be running all around the room just to avoid close contact with the cockroach. By that way, I think she will burn a lot of calorie out of her body fat. What a brilliant idea from me, MeowX2… hehehe. Jo is going to kill me tonight when she saw this post... By the time you read this, she already threatening me to remove some portion of this post. She sure checking on my blog everyday when free.


Joez said...

ID-TEN-T, wanna kena from me ah ?

Gene Lim said...

wei, one cockroach where got enough..should put like maybe 20 or that she can burn even more! ;)

meow meow said...

Joez, already kena what... 2 hours right after I post

Gene, catch 1 cockroach I can la, but if more than 1 than I also takut... hahaha