Saturday, July 28, 2007

sin nya mun hoo pang sai

Joez and I were shopping at Tesco this afternoon, she bought a brand new toilet bowl seat cover to replace the old and dirty bowl cover at the toilet inside her room. And on our way home, she told me this in the car.
Joez: Meow, I wanna pang sai after reach home.
MeowX2: *hearing without answering anything*
I didn't pay much attention to her as she always tell me the same thing everytime she wanna do the "big business". When home, she start to pack things for her Little Penang Street sales tomorrow and of course I help her to carried the stuff to my car. She then told me again she will go do her "big business" again after finish approximately around 6:00pm
Joez: Meow, I wanna go output liao...
MeowX2: Ok
Me as usual, again didn't pay much attention on this. Then after finished packing all her stuff, she mention this business of her again.
Joez: Meow, I wanna go pang sai liao...
This time it caught my attention. I was pause for awhile and think to myself, what was she up to, keeps on telling me she wanna go output for so many times! Then something struck my mind when I remember she bought the new toilet bowl seat cover. Then only I know why she keeps on telling me, actually reminding me to be exact.
MeowX2: You want me to change the toilet seat cover is it?
Joez: *grin*
MeowX2: hahahaha... sin nya mun hoo pang sai (read in hokkien)
Actually she want me to change the new toilet bowl seat cover for her, she want to try the new one. This is what the hokkien chinese people always saying, "new thing is good to try first".


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Sweetpea said...

hi, thanks for dropping by my blog. i guess you would have already known by now, always read between the lines when it comes to women! :P

Sweetpea said...

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