Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Option 2

Last night when Jo and I were on our way to super fast food for dinner, we were talking about the apartment that my mom and I wanted to buy.

MeowX2: Just now the auntie from Pearl Garden calls me again.

Joez: So what does she said this time.

MeowX2: She was mentioning about the “feng shui”, she said she had hired a famous feng shui master from Bukit Jambul to look at the feng shui for their house before. The master said their place is a good feng shui place and ask them not move out of the house.

Joez: The master only views their house right, not the one we want to buy.

MeowX2: I think so.

Joez: What reason did you tell them when you call the auntie and told her you don’t want to buy that unit?

MeowX2: I told her you don’t like that unit because the outside feng shui is not good and its not point for me to buy it if you don’t want to stay there.

Joez: You really told that auntie like this ah?

MeowX2: Ya la, else what reason you want me to give. My mom and I already show interest in that unit, then suddenly pull out, that auntie must be suspect something ma. So, I had to give reasonable reason what.

Joez: You can give some other reason ma, why mention about me (at this point I know Joez a bit angry already, so I said the below just to make her laugh instead of angry).

MeowX2: ah bo then, what should I told her. Told her because of the owner’s cibai not big enough so I don’t wanna buy that unit ah!!!

Joez: @#!%$;#$!@^%#*

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